16 Amazing Tools for Social Media Managers

There are so many Social Media Networks and so many different things to manage that some tasks seem almost virtually impossible to accomplish. In order to  become more time-effective and automate as much as you can of your work, you need to use tools that make your life easier.

I’ve borrowed this infographic from Socially Stacked so that you can discover what’s worth trying from all the apps and online tools out there.


Every person is different so, try what you think will work best for you, and start enjoying the results.

Does Sex Still Sell?

Marketing, as much as we want it to be, is not an exact science.  Technology innovation has allowed us to better understand buyers, influencers and the performance of our activities.

Insightful, creative and relevant ideas that trigger human emotions can –  and do – sell.   For as much as I wanted to believe that buyers were rational creatures behaving in predictable patterns, I now understand that they are not.

sex sells javi yebenes

At the end of the day, business is personal.  We can’t remove the human element from the buyer or seller side.  Relationships and perceptions matter, how a product and/or a brand makes a customer feel is important, and it’s not easy to model or predict.

Sex has been used for centuries to sell every kind of products to customers guided by their primitive instincts. It worked, it works and it will work, as simple as that; one day we will visit our children using a spaceship, and sex, love and affection will still rule our world, because the hability to speak and to socialize make us different from the rest of the animals, but just our instincts and our emotions make us differents from the machines.

As an example, take a look to this commercial by Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. I don’t know you, but I would buy 5 of those burgers if I was there!

Now you’ve watched the commercial and, don’t be naive, some of you will think: “I don’t want to buy a burger, I want to go camping with the girls”, but in the end, you will associate the brand behind the commercial with positive thoughts, desire, pleasure, happiness and you will be more likely to visit this business than any other of it’s competitors.

My conclusion:

It really doesn’t matter who is your target or what is your product, if you find the way to do it right, sex will sell for you.

Dukoral “This is not a good time” – Great Commercial

This is one of my favourite commercials since I came to Canada. It is creative, funny, risky and innovative. The only think you can do is feeling bad for all those guys and girls in the commercial, … because you have been in a similar situation. I guess there are not a lot of more comments needed, just watch, enjoy and share a smile.

I just think it’s a very good commercial, easy, direct and fun.

Advertised Birth

Probably a lot of you already know about the relationship between the singer Shakira and the soccer player from Spain “Gerard Pigue”. Some of you already know as well that few days ago that Shakira had her first child “Milan”, and this is supposed to make any parents in the world happy and joyful. In this case in particular I think the parents have more than one reason to be happy, and I see this after seeing the ridiculous picture that Gerard Pique posted in his twitter account yesterday. I’ll let you judge by yourself:

Probably most of the people saw this picture and thought: “Oh, what a cutie, already wearing sport shoes!”, then some, specially some parents and doctors thought: “Oh, that’s terrible! His feet are too soft and delicate, take that off of him”, and then there a niche of people  who had something totally different in their mind. That niche is made of marketers and advertising professionals.

Personally, I think it is ridiculous that a couple of parents whose salaries go over 35 million dollars a year combined sell the first picture of their baby to Nike for a couple of thousands of dollars. What kind of life is this baby going to live? Will he have to school wearing Nike everyday, in a Porsche, with a Louis Vuitton bag and a Unicef hat, carrying his McDonals lunch and Coca-cola? Which kind of father does that? Seriously?

milan pique javi yebenes

And I’m not afraid this is going to happen just for the picture with the shoes, but the other actions that have been taking place on the baby’s name in the last days. Milan Pique Mebarak is already a member of the Barcelona Futbol Club fan club, he has a twitter account and shirts and jerseys with his name.

Some other professionals of marketing probably think it was a genius idea, but personally, to me, it is outrageous that some brands are getting this far and worse than that, that some people are selling their souls to the “Advertising Devils”.

To me, I don’t know if it’s worse having people willing to condition their children’s life for money, or having 10,000 idiots following the baby on twitter. You can put your own thoughts on it!

Do you think advertising should have a limit?

What about having a “moral code” for advertising? 

A Different View on Spain.

I just came across this well-done, inspiring and informative video about Spain’s Reality and couldn’t resist sharing it!

After watching the video you will learn that even in the middle of a crisis Spain is a country of amazing opportunity,  it doesn’t matter the way you look at it. Here you will watch a series of current Spanish achievements both at home and around the world. Most of the things mentioned were probably left out by the international media, so take a good look at this video, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and pretty impressed. It’s just a matter of changing the way you look at things.

“This video was obviously made by Grant Thornton to promote Spain”… WHAT?

( No, no, no… let’s go back to that first sentence! )

This video was made by Grant Thornton to promote themselves, and they took advantage of the situation our country lives right now to make up an infomercial about their fantastic services and to fill your brain with “propaganda” when your defenses are down.

Once said that, I have to say that the video is pretty good and the message of the first 4 minutes is really inspiring and it can cheer up some people who really need it right now. I’m from Spain, and I’m proud of it, and everybody work really hard to remind me how bad the situation in my country is, but nobody worked half as hard to tell me all the amazing things our companies, business-man, scientists or other professionals achieved.

Grant Thornton is a multinational corporation who provides audit, tax and advisory services to businesses and, as I can deduce, it is not positive for them to operate in a country where investors are scared and are not willing to spend their money on their services. I understand that’s the reason of making this motivational-video-commercial.

Grant Thornton Commercial by Javi Yebenes

Now that we understand that this is a good but not great promotional action made by the marketing team of Grant Thornton, I must say that I really enjoy and get emotional with the content of the video. I’m really proud of some of the things my countrymen have achieved, not just because we share a language or a passport, but because we share a way of living, enjoying life, being creative and working hard, doesn’t matter what the world thinks, we are hard-workers, and we are very very ambitious.

To summarize:

I. Grant Thornton got a lot of sympathy and notoriety with this video and it was a positive way of promoting their company in our country.

II. A lot of Spain’s politicians and bankers are corrupt, negligent and despicable; but we still are one of the most creative, adventurous, talented and fun countries of the world.

One fantastic way to promote your city!

Normally, when you want to promote your town or city you spend thousands or millions of dollars looking for an expensive agency to design a marketing strategy. They will spend months analyzing data, preparing proposals, hiring experts, and after months of hard work they will come to you will a couple of final proposals that you will not entirely like. If you accept any of the proposals, you will have to spend a lot of money on the media buying and people to manage and monitor the campaign.

Why would you do this anymore?

Today there’s something extremely powerful called “virality”, which is a result of the mass sharing content extremely fast and effectively online though the social media networks. If you find someone creative enough, and you are willing to use this thing called innovation, you can succeed and make the world know that your destination exists, and not only that, make the world know that your destination is a place where you don’t fear to do new things and have fun.

sabadell promo javi yebenes

Here is a perfect example of what I’m talking about, the small town of Sabadell invested some dollars in putting together the local orchestra and choruses and recording the flash-mob they organized in a downtown plaza. In this case, they used a local bank to finance the “promo” including a couple of takes of the banks facade in the video, but this action reduced the cost to nothing for the city’s tourism office.

Obviously, people are already tired of Flash-mobs, but when you play something like “Joy’s Anthem” or “Anthem of Europe” and you get children involved, our most human side has no other chance but to enjoy it, feel it and share it.

¿Cómo creo mi marca? – Branding

 En el post anterior sobre Branding empecé a describir cuál es la principal acción de marketing para conseguir el éxito de vuestra marca. Esto ha cambiado con el paso del tiempo, pero en la actualidad, con el modelo de sociedad en el que vivimos, la forma en la que nos percibe la gente que nos rodea se convierte en el 90% de lo que somos.

¡Hoy en dia no importa lo bueno que eres, sino lo bueno que la gente cree que eres!

Por eso en ciertos campos profesionales la imagen lo es todo y es la que marca la diferencia con nuestra competencia. Cuando conocemos a alguien haciendo negocios, analizamos al detalle su ropa, accesorios, teléfono móvil o hasta corte de pelo para conocer la cantidad de éxito profesional que tiene. Un ejemplo: si conoces a un abogado repeinado con gomina, un buen afeitado, traje italiano, blackberry y zapatos brillantes; rapidamente pensarás que trabaja en un exitoso bufete de una gran ciudad. Es solo un juicio nuestro, pero inspira confianza inmediata.

Yo siempre recomiendo la elegancia, es algo que nunca falla, pero obviamente tiene un precio. Cuando salgo de casa siempre lo hago en uno de mis trajes, con los zapatos recién encerados, una cartera de mano aunque no la necesite, corbata con un toque personal y el pelo bien engominado. Puede parecer un poco forzado, pero no recuerdo un dia en que no me paren varias personas a tratar de venderme cosas, que no me ofrezcan sus servicios los conductores de limusinas del centro o que varios hombres de negocios no me entreguen su tarjeta para hacer networking o colaborar en un futuro. ¡Es tán fácil hacer pensar a la gente que eres alguien!

Ahora además tengo la suerte de que tengo una bonita tarjeta de visita de mi nuevo trabajo, la cual estoy esperando mejorar para tener una todavía mejor. Es una inversión muy rentable puesto que además de tu imágen personal, la tarjeta es lo que perdurará en propiedad del contacto, y será más del 50% de la percepción que tenga de nosotros. Un logotipo bonito, un slogan ingenioso o un relieve adecuado dan un toque personal que marcará la diferencia.

Para aquellos que están empezando a veces no es fácil invertir demasiado en la imagen personal, o en la imagen de su negocio; por eso hay que utilizar el ingenio o utilizar otro tipo de estrategias. Utilizar un look característico y que te haga reconocible puede funcionar y es muy barato. Si te dejas ver en eventos públicos con un estilismo determinado varias veces, la gente re relacionará con ese estilo y serás más fácil de reconocer entre los cientos de invitados. Como un ejemplo fijaros en este periodista canadiense:

Si por ejemplo eres dueño de un bar, no todo es percepción visual, el estilo de música que hagas sonar, la edad de los camareros, los modales con que reciban a los clientes, los precios o el tipo de bebida que sirvas son los que determinarán tu marca; y la gente relacionará tu nombre con unas características que son las que te definirán. ¿Cuál es el truco? Tienes que hacerle a la gente saber cuales son las características que quieres que te definan, y tratar de ocultar las que menos te favorezcan.
Si tienes una página web, de facebook o twitter, utiliza las redes sociales para promocionar fotos de lo que quieres que sea conocido de tu negocio (gente sonriendo si vendes buen ambiente, fotos de las bebidas si vendes bebida de calidad, enlaces musicales si la música es la que te define,etc.)

Ahora bien, el principal truco para definir* tu marca es la constancia y la paciencia. Para que tu público te reconozca y lo haga de la manera que tu quieres debes saber que cada granito de arena cuenta; que por cada imagen negativa tuya en público pierdes veinte positivas, que siempre has de mantener tus estándares y mantener un estilo propio, sin dejarte llevar demasiado por las modas o por lo que hagan los demás y que si te mantienes firme y haces bien tu trabajo, tu paciencia dará sus frutos.

¡El prestigio de las marcas lo dan el trabajo duro, la confianza en uno mismo y el tiempo!

Siguiente entrada: Darte a conocer en el mercado – Branding

* Utilizo definir porque todos tenemos una marca por la que los demás nos reconocen aunque cuando no trabajamos en ella pueda ser distinta para cada grupo de gente, o aunque no queramos ser reconocidos.